Our mission is to help families preserve and grow wealth through the design and implementation of thoughtful investment strategies. With deep expertise in both traditional and alternative asset classes, Promus strives to provide families with access to superior investment managers and direct investment opportunities. Promus partners invest alongside our clients, meaning we share in the outcomes of any decisions we make.



Share our ideas, wisdom and experience with one another.


Invest alongside our clients.


Help families manage their resources in a purposeful way.


Aim to produce exceptional results for our clients through hard work and integrity.


The Code and Musso families joined together to establish a family office in 2008 to more effectively manage their own capital and share their investment platform with other like-minded families. Both families had expertise in alternative investments, particularly with hedge funds and private equity. Over time the Promus partnership grew into a community that invests across asset classes. Our community invests alongside each other, ensuring that we share in the outcomes of our investment decisions.


We believe families more effectively steward their resources in partnership with a small community of like-minded families dedicated to sharing wisdom, experience and access to unique investment opportunities. We are committed to helping our clients navigate a complex and evolving investment environment. The Promus approach places a heavy emphasis on the alternative asset classes to add greater diversification, reduce market correlation and attempt to achieve lower portfolio volatility.


We help families create a clear stewardship strategy and surround them with a team dedicated to helping execute the plan generationally. By helping families effectively allocate their resources we free families to focus their energy on life’s bigger questions.


Asset Allocation

We design asset allocation strategies to meet the unique needs of each family.

Investment Selection

We seek to provide access to exceptional managers in most asset classes and direct investment opportunities that would be difficult to source outside of our office.


Account Administration

Our service platform is designed to make our client’s lives more efficient so they can focus on what they value most.

Legacy Consulting

Promus surrounds our clients with resources designed to help families develop effective generational stewardship strategies.

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