Promus believes that families are able to more effectively steward their resources in partnership with a small community of like-minded families dedicated to sharing wisdom, experience and access to unique investment opportunities.


We are committed to helping our clients navigate a complex and evolving investment environment. We believe developing a thoughtful investment strategy leads to more disciplined decision-making, and ideally better outcomes. While each portfolio is tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of the individual client, certain key elements of our investment philosophy are consistent.


The traditional approach to asset allocation generally fails to meet the needs of the families we serve. It places an emphasis on equities and fixed income with a small weight on alternative assets. This results in portfolios that are highly correlated to the equity markets – and more susceptible to excessive volatility. The Promus approach places a heavy emphasis on the alternative asset classes to produce durable portfolios that should have greater levels of diversification, less market correlation and attempt to lower portfolio volatility. We also believe this methodology should produce superior long-term results.


Research suggests that, within the alternative asset classes, smaller funds typically outperform larger funds over time. For this reason, we believe families should focus their investment strategy within the alternative asset classes down market where there is relatively less capital and more opportunities. Since dispersion of returns have historically been higher in small managers, manager selection becomes increasingly more important when executing a down-market strategy. Promus has assembled a team of asset class experts dedicated to searching for exceptional managers in each asset class.


Direct investing has been a core part of the Promus platform since our founding. We value the opportunity to collectively buy meaningful interests in companies in partnership with one another, which cuts out the middle man and provides a greater level of control and transparency.


Direct ownership allows flexibility to let each opportunity guide our investment structure and duration absent the constraints imposed by traditional funds.

Greater Transparency

Families that invest directly have greater transparency into the company’s actual performance and its underlying value.

Leverage Expertise

Many families generated their wealth as owner operators, so we leverage their expertise to bring unique insights and shared values to the companies and assets we own.