Promus Equity provides our community of like-minded families access to direct private equity investments in lower-middle market companies. We target healthy companies with EBITDA of up to $15 million. As a family office with a flexible investment mandate, we think creatively and allow each opportunity to guide our investment structure and duration absent of the constraints imposed by a typical private equity fund. Our team has a history of investing across industries and sectors. We work closely with each management team to formulate strategies, pursue strategic acquisitions and maintain appropriate capital structures.


Promus Access manages funds of private equity funds that seek to create a balanced and diversified private equity portfolio. The strategy targets funds that focus on lower-middle market companies and niche opportunities. Our team has decades of experience investing in the private equity asset class.


Promus Realty manages funds of commercial real estate funds and direct investments, focused on creating diversified portfolios of lower-middle market assets. Our strategy provides access to a network of investment partners with property-type and geographic expertise in high-growth metro areas nationwide. Our team has years of experience investing in private real estate as real estate operators and capital allocators.


Promus Realty Properties provides our community of like-minded families access to direct private real estate investments in the lower-middle market. We generally partner with operators and developers in high-growth MSAs to execute value-add and opportunistic business plans up to $125 million in total capitalization. We can invest with various structures and time horizons using flexible capital to create alignment with our investment partners and to seek the optimal business plan for an asset.